1. This 19-year-old pedophile has never gone near a child. And he ...

    Apr 21, 2014 ... As a parent of two young kids, just hearing the word triggers a rage in me that I didn't ... To be a pedophile, you don't have to act on your urges.
  2. Pedophilia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    9.1 General; 9.2 Misuse of medical terminology; 9.3 Pedophile advocacy groups ... or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children aged 13 or younger. ..... is not a legal term, and having a sexual attraction to children is not illegal in itself.
  3. Pedophile on Kik app: 'It's well known in our industry' - The Trentonian
    Jul 28, 2014 ... The phone call came into the newsroom the day after 14 men were nabbed on child pornography charges in a statewide sting.
  4. Jul 21, 2009 ... It is illegal to engage in any sexual act with a child, but pedophilia ... A man who has sex with a young teen is a child molestor... not a pedophile.
  5. It is NOT when a situation is created where you do something illegal. ..... of people with sexual urges towards young children that are already ...
  6. Nov 17, 2014 ... Several 8chan forums feature children as young as toddlers dressed in swimsuits or thongs and posed suggestively. If this isn't outright illegal ...
  7. Alive most commonly refers to Life. It may also refer to:. Publications. Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors, a 1974 book by Piers Paul Read which documented the 1972 crash of Uruguayan Air
  8. When a young person is in love with an older person who may be significantly... ... This is not illegal like pedophilia but should be. Molesting older people.
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  10. Aug 10, 2012 ... ... Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky was involved in a pedophile ring ... Penn State booster” were involved in “illegal behavior with young boys.